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Single Oils

Essential oils have long been used, for thousands of years. Initially they were used for medicinal benefits, and over time, have become widely used for soothing, calming, pain relief, and more. These are several of the most popular, and widely used essential oils, each providing different benefits to users.

All of the oils should be used aromatically or topically, as described in the instructions which are provided with the essential oil purchased. It is also important to remember to diffuse the oils, prior to applying them to the skin; especially when they are being used on young children or toddlers, they should not be applied directly to the skin, and only half dosage should be used. Because many of the oils are potent, and have a strong aromatic effect, it is important to understand their power, and potential issues, if they are not properly applied to the body. And, users should not that injury, burns, or other damage may occur to the skin, if the oils aren't properly diffused, and used with carrier oils, to help dilute their potent effects.

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