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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policies:

When ordering our essential oil, customers in the continental US will have their order delivered via USPS. Orders should arrive within 2 to 3 days, and as long as they are placed prior to 4 PM MT, they are shipped next day. All orders placed on Friday will arrive the following business week. Any order placed after 4 PM on a Friday, won't ship until the following Monday, as we do not ship orders over the weekends to our customers. In addition to our continental US customer, orders placed by PO Box customers, will also be shipped through USPS. For any international customer, your order will either be sent out with DHL shipping, or UPS provides shipping to certain customers who are outside of the US as well.

International governments may impose a duty tax on orders we ship to international customers. These are not charged by us, or the shipping company, but rather your local governments impose tax. The amount charged varies, but typically will fall within the $5 up to $25 range.

Return Policies:Money back guarantee

If you aren't happy with our essential oil, you have 90 days to make a return, no questions asked. We will even send you $10 for your troubles, as long as the return is made in a timely fashion. To process your return, visit our site and click on the my account page. From there you will be led to a link and upon clicking it, your return process will begin. You will receive a confirmation email that the process has begun and that we are aware you will be sending back the product for a refund.

Once we receive the essential oil return to our facility you will receive your refund immediately. All proceeds will be directly deposited back to the account you made the purchase with, so you do not have to wait several days for it to come in the mail.

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